Fayetteville Fire Station #4 Groundbreaking

Fayetteville, NC - The City of Fayetteville held a ceremony Tuesday August 30th to break ground on construction of a new fire station on Bragg Boulevard.  Brawley is pleased to be the General Contractor responsible for building this state of the art facility that will serve as the busiest fire station in Fayetteville when complete.  The $9.4M facility is estimated to be completed within 18 months.  It will replace the existing fire station Four currently located at 406 Stamper Road which opened in 1960.  Our partners on the project include Stewart Cooper Newell Architects, Optima Engineering, and Taylor & Viola Structural Engineers.

With 18,442 square feet of space, a variety of enhanced features and community space will be available. The new station will include decontamination equipment to remove exhaust from the air which is a safety measure for firefighters as cancer is a concern for firefighters across the nation. Staff can also use washers that are designed to reduce contaminants on uniforms. Turnout gear space will be a first for Fayetteville where firefighters will be able to use the space to store pants, boots, coats and gloves separate from living and working areas. A community room is included in the plans for neighborhood watch meetings and public safety classes.

"The biggest impact will be in the immediate area. We'll see a reduction in response times with 30-45 seconds in some areas beginning from day one," said Fire Chief Mike Hill. "But that will also impact all of the other response districts. Because not only will this district be able to respond to this immediate area quicker, but they'll be able to respond to its other areas."