30 Years of Excellence

Our Company

Based in NC since 1992, Brawley has offices in Wilmington, Raleigh, and Columbia and serves clients across the Carolinas and around the country. Brawley offers a unique experience for its partners by bringing together extensive general contracting experience, unmatched ICT service expertise, and seasoned FF&E/interior design skills. Brawley’s team has a combined 200 years of experience and are experts in their work with diverse backgrounds and expertise in construction, design, ICT, and FF&E.


To serve our partners with excellence and innovation by delivering projects and facilities that meet or exceed their expectations.


To inspire our teams and partners to build for the future with
  • Extensive general contracting experience in commercial and government work allows us to confidently execute projects across size, scope, market, and geography.
  • Unmatched ICT service expertise to make technology less complicated, more accessible, and totally secure.
  • Seasoned FF&E/interior design skills across construction, renovated, re-purposed, and re-designed spaces to present creative solutions that offer functionality, durability, and an inviting atmosphere.


Achieved through honesty and reliability in every relationship
Illustrated by our constant pursuit of creativity and new ideas
Shown by making the honest and fair decision no matter the situation
Accomplished by doing it right the first time