Development Services

Development Services

As both a General Contractor and experienced development consultant, our experienced team can offer a broad spectrum of real estate services designed to add value for investors, owners, and occupiers of real estate.  From Site Evaluation to Construction completion we are your partner to bring your vision to life.

Residential Land Development

Brawley can provide consultation for single family land development from site evaluation up to “pad ready”, allowing home builders to focus on what they do best.

Commercial Development and Construction

Commercial Development, from office to retail to industrial, trust us to bring your vision to life.  Our expert team specializes in commercial spaces that blend innovation, functionality, and style.

Mixed-Use Development and Construction

Our approach to mixed-use seamlessly integrates residential, multi-family, commercial, and recreational spaces.  Let our experienced team bring your dream to reality.

Turn-Key Services

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Feasibility Analysis
  • Identify and assess the suitability of the land for development.
  • Conduct market studies to determine demand for the proposed development.
  • Evaluate regulatory requirements and constraints.
Land Acquisition
  • Purchase or secure the rights to use the land for development.
  • Negotiate terms and conditions with landowners.
Due Diligence/site Investigation

From title search and environmental site assessment to topographic survey and geotechnical investigation, Brawley performs thorough due diligence and site investigation to improve decision making and mitigate potential risks.

Land Planning/design
  • Develop a master plan outlining land use, infrastructure, and amenities.
  • Design the layout of streets, utilities, and green spaces.
Entitlement and Permitting
  • Obtain necessary zoning approvals and permits from local authorities.
  • Comply with land use regulations and building codes.
  • Install essential infrastructure such as roads, water, sewer, and utilities.
  • Ensure connectivity and accessibility to the site.
  • Develop structures and buildings according to the approved plans.
Communications Infrastructure

Across the spectrum, your customers demand the fastest internet speeds available. Leverage Brawley’s ICT services to bring the most up-to-date broadband to your site.

Interior Design and FF&E

Leverage Brawley’s Interior Design professionals to bring your project’s vision to life.