Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Fire Station 2

North Topsail Beach, NC – May 15, 2024 – The Town of North Topsail Beach commemorated a significant milestone yesterday with the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Fire Station 2, set to be constructed at 3304 Gray Street. Under the clear skies of a sunny morning, the event reflected the culmination of extensive planning and community dedication. Mayor Joann McDermon welcomed attendees to the ceremony, setting the tone for a momentous occasion. The event featured remarks from key figures involved in the project, including Alice Derian, Town Manager; Chad Soward, Fire Chief; John Henderson, Project Manager for Brawley; and Brice M. Reid, Senior Associate Architect for Becker Morgan Group, Inc. Alice Derian shared reflections on the journey that led to this momentous day, emphasizing the collaborative effort and perseverance that shaped the project over the past 31 months. She expressed heartfelt appreciation to Becker Morgan for their unwavering commitment, highlighting their role in refining the proposal and steering the project towards fruition. Derian underscored the community-centric approach that guided decision-making throughout the process, ensuring the new facility meets the needs of both residents and staff. John Henderson, representing Brawley, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to the construction of the Fire Station 2. As a native of the area, Henderson conveyed his personal excitement at the prospect of witnessing the lasting impact of this facility on the community. He commended the town officials, Becker Morgan, Chief Chad Soward, and Alice Derian for their collaborative spirit and looked forward to continued partnership throughout the project. About North Topsail Beach: North Topsail Beach is a vibrant coastal community nestled along the pristine shores of North Carolina. Known for its scenic beauty and strong sense of community, North Topsail Beach is committed to providing exceptional services and amenities to its residents and visitors alike. Read more about the project here: Fire Station No. 2 | North Topsail Beach North Carolina (