Minto Brawley Opens New Office in North Carolina

Minto Brawley Opens New Office in North Carolina

(April 8, 2024) Minto Brawley is pleased to announce a new office has been opened at the headquarters of WB Brawley Company in Wilmington, North Carolina. Minto Brawley is a joint venture 8(a) Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) providing construction, internet technology, and communication services to federal and institutional clients. The company also specializes in designing fiber networks and installations and FF&E projects across the United States and globally.

Minto Brawley President, Matthew Fagnani expressed his enthusiasm for having a physical presence in Wilmington saying, “This new expansion allows the Minto Brawley team to better serve our government and institutional customers, while giving us a footprint to expand operations on the East Coast.”

About Minto

Minto Global, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Minto Development Corporation (MDC) and is recognized as an Alaska Native Corporation under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1972. The Seth-De-Ya-Ah Corporation, the parent to MDC and Minto Global, has a mission to manage its land, resources, and enterprises in a fiscally responsible manner while retaining traditional native values. Minto Global continues that mission by promoting opportunities for more than 500 shareholders and their descendants.

About Brawley

Based in NC since 1992, Brawley has offices in Wilmington, Raleigh, Jacksonville, and Columbia and serves clients across the Carolinas and around the country. Brawley offers a unique experience for its partners by bringing together extensive general contracting experience, unmatched ICT service expertise, and seasoned FF&E/interior design skills. Brawley’s team has a combined 200 years of experience and are experts in their work with diverse backgrounds and expertise in construction, design, ICT, and FF&E.


8(a) Alaska Native Corporation