Repair PMEL Building 826

Client Shaw Air Force Base
Architect Red Iron Architects
Location Shaw AFB, SC

Facility with a standing seam roof, primarily made up of office space, receiving/storage area and a laboratory that has special HVAC considerations.

Removed existing suspended ceiling system, existing lights and all components of the existing HVAC system in the mechanical room to allow for installation of a new chilled water/boiler system.

Testing on whole facility for asbestos and reporting to the government.

Designed, provided and installed new HVAC system for this facility capable of maintaining strict temperature, humidity and dust requirements through new BACNet compatible DDC controls connected to the existing Automated Logic Control front end. Performed a Duct Air Leak Test on the existing ducting and made necessary corrections required to prevent air leaks. Installed damper with mechanical louvers in the roof.

Removed, stored, reinstalled existing sprinkler system. Repaired any damaged sprinkler heads and piping.

Provided and installed new air tight, dust proof suspended ceiling, and installed access hatch for entry above the existing ceiling in the storage area.

Provided and installed new bonded seamless floor.

Installed new circuitry as needed.

Provided new LED lighting fixtures for laboratory, as well as new battery backup lights.

Sealed laboratory walls to ensure that positive pressure can be maintained at all times. This was done

through removing all sheetrock, insulation and furring strips on the walls of the laboratory. An air lock, air moisture barrier system was applied from floor to ceiling on all walls. New metal furring strips, insulation and sheetrock was then applied to the walls.

All new wall areas painted to match existing.