US Coast Guard Exchange Renovation and Upfit

Client US Coast Guard
Architect Clark Nexsen
Location Centreville, VA
This build with delegated design project was a renovation and upfit of existing retail space for a new Coast Guard Exchange store in Centreville, Virginia.  Scope of the project included:

Exterior Work:

  • Connections to local utilities including gas, water, sewer, and electricity.

Interior work:

Demolition of all areas to bare structure and buildup of full retail space and inventory storage.

  • Demolition of existing non-structural walls, flooring, ceilings, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems fixtures and equipment

  • Installation of new metal stud and walls, prep and prepare to receive new painted finishes

  • Installation of new Acoustical Ceiling Grid System and Tile

  • Installation of new suspended acoustical ceiling tiles to receive new LED lighting fixtures

  • Installation of new flooring systems which include LVT, Ceramic Tile, Carpeting, Carpet Tiles and Base

  • Provide and install new millwork cabinetry for office spaces

  • Installation of new interior doors, door frames, and hardware

  • Installation of new sliding doors at main entrance

  • Prep and paint all new interior walls, doors, and doors frames

  • Installation of new food service equipment

  • Installation of new industrial racks for inventory storage in back of house

Electrical Systems

  • Installation of new electrical LED Lighting and fixtures, to include emergency egress lighting and exit signs

  • Installation of vacancy sensors for all lighting

Security & Telecommunication Systems

  • Installation of new security system sensors & hardware

  • Installation of new telecommunications data cabling & hardware.

Structural Systems

  • Repair of existing load bearing metal beams

  • Repair of existing concrete floors

Plumbing Systems

  • Installation of new restroom plumbing fixtures and hardware

  • Installation of new hot water heater

  • Installation of new water cooler (drinking fountain)

HVAC Systems (Seismic Zone Ratings 3 & 4)

  • Design and Installation of a new 4 pipe chiller/ boiler system to include all components and piping, ductwork, returns and controls as required.

  • Provided water treatment system for the HVAC System.

  • Installation of new controls.

  • Provide training as required

Fire Alarm & Suppression Systems (Seismic Zone Ratings 3 & 4)

  • Design and install new Fire Alarm System

  • Design and installation of new Mass Notification System

  • Design and installation of new Fire Suppression System

I wanted to personally thank the entire team at Brawley for your work over many months to construct the Coast Guard Exchange...It is a truly beautiful store that will serve our authorized patrons for many years to come.

Key Customers