When weak radio signals impact first responder communications in a building, we can help with signal amplification.  Our team can design and install your Emergency Communication Enhancement System (a type of BDA System).

Meeting safety codes for: NFPA 72 and IFC 510

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Annual Public Safety Signal Testing

Primary Applications:

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New Building Construction

When building a new structure, it's vital to meet local fire codes for safety. These codes dictate communication infrastructure needs, varying by area. Brawley works with the AHJ to ensure compliance.

Expanding an Existing Facility or Building

Expanding your facility? Ensure compliance with ERCES mandates. Whether it's an office building or a warehouse, trust Brawley for enhanced public safety.

Bringing an Older Building Up to Code

Have an older building needing ERCES updates? Buying a building needing renovation? Let Brawley ensure your building passes code requirements.